There are dozens of IT services firms that could fix a computer

But if you’re looking for someone you can completely TRUST to make your IT systems work WITHOUT excuses and without you having to manage THEM, we’re the only company you should call




Managed IT Services

Your IT services can make or break your company. To stay competitive, you need your IT working for you. ServantecGlobal IT Service Engineers are ready to help you with all of your information technology support needs.

Website Hosting

ServantecGlobal is here to help you with your website. Whether you are looking to start a new business or need to increase exposure for your existing company, we can design and host a website that will get noticed.

Professional IT Services

Are you struggling with how to take advantage of the latest technology? The ServantecGlobal Professional Services Group can help you explore, evaluate, and choose the best technology solutions for your company.

Office Relocations

Servantecglobal can help you plan all your technology needs for the move to another location. We can assist in planning for your phones and internet, making sure you never miss a beat during this transition. Contact us today!

Cybersecurity Protection

Don’t let your network become another victim. A monitored network is a proactive network. Skip the tedious task of sorting through your logs and gain peace of mind with our 24/7 services.

Penetration Testing

The best way to see how your security is performing is to watch an attack unfold. Our experienced pen testers will discover your vulnerabilities and provide guidance on how to stop them – all without disrupting your business.

We provide essential technology services to all customers!

5 Reasons You Should Choose Us


“IT, these days, is more important than ever.  2020 solidified that fact!  The team is accessible, versatile and creative; they not only kept us online but we flourished because of their support.  Without them the pandemic would have looked very different for us.”

Nicole, Director of Client Relations at Envirotrol

“ServantecGlobal has given us stability and peace of mind when it comes to our technology needs. They are always available when we need them and allow our work to continue smoothly with little to no interruptions.”

Dr. Sunny, COO of Rosy Health Care Services, Inc.

“You are the newest definition of the word great!”

Mona Reis, CEO of PWC

“ServantecGlobal is a mission-critical resource for our company.  Their team is highly responsive and helpful to our needs and has helped us overcome IT challenges.  They also helped keep our company up-and-running during the COVID-19 crisis, and our transition to a work-from-home environment.  Their flexibility and the reliability of the systems they had set up made this transition incredibly smooth – and made our company more resilient during a turbulent time.”

Jon Polenz, Co-President at Ecoteam


1109, 2023

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