IT Services for Businesses:

There are dozens of IT services firms that could fix a computer

But if you’re looking for someone you can completely TRUST to make your IT systems work WITHOUT excuses and without you having to manage THEM, we’re the only company you should call

Is Your Company in Need of IT Support and Services?

Your IT services can make or break your company. To stay competitive, you need your IT working for you. ServantecGlobal IT Service Engineers are ready to help you with all of your information technology support needs. 

Are Your Employees Working from Home and in Need of IT Support?

Many employees are working from home now due to COVID-19. This brings hardware, software, and workflow changes that can be disruptive. ServantecGlobal can make working from home smooth and painless.

Searching for Expert Professional Technology Advice and Guidance?

Are you struggling with how to take advantage of the latest technology? The ServantecGlobal Professional Services Group can help you explore, evaluate, and choose the best technology solutions for your company. 

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5 Reasons You Should Choose Us

We support people, not just the equipment. We want to ensure that our clients have a simple experience when it comes to technology while working. 

We have over 50 years of combined technology experience. Our technicians have expertise in cybersecurity, networking, cloud services, database management, and much more.

Service plans can be customized to your needs. We offer many different packages and allow our clients to customize their plans to best fit their business needs. 

We have our own data center for hosting applications and databases. This allows for our clients to have more control and more security over what matters most to them. 

IT Services in Austin, TX

We have experience working with non-profits. Your budget has many demands, we help you get the most out of it.